Backcountry GOB

Gnome Homes is pleased to announce a brand new family member.  The Backcountry GOB (Gnome on a Budget).  Just as with the initial GOB, we recognize a need for a little more robust off road trailer but something a little less expensive than the Yukon. 

As with our GOB, we have designed this trailer with quality and durability in mind and have lowered our base price by removing some of the fancy bells and whistles.

The Backcountry GOB starts with a standard GOB trailer build, then we add a 4 inch lift kit to increase your ground clearance as well as upgrade to 15 inch tires and Mumba Aluminum rims.  

To help you in the planning and design of your personal Backcountry GOB, please download the following worksheet.

Check out the Backcountry GOB on Gnome TV