Trailer FAQs

Everything You Need to Know About Teardrop Trailers.

How long does it take to get my trailer?

Our current lead time is winter 2022. Once we receive your $1,000 deposit, your order will be placed in the queue to be built and we will then give you an estimated date of completion. Due to the impact of Covid on our supply chain, we cannot guarantee an exact date of completion.

    Can my car pull a Gnome Home teardop trailer?

    We recommend you check your manufactures specs of course, but because they are so lightweight, just about any car can pull our teardrop trailers!

      Are Gnome Home teardrop trailers insulated?

      Yes, they are. The roof and floors are R7 ½ rigid foam the side walls are ¾ inch plywood approx. R value of 3.

        Do Gnome Home teardrop trailers have power?

        All our trailers have a 24 group battery as standard with an upgrade to 30 group battery available. The batteries are charged while driving with a 7 prong plug.

        We also supply a power outlet on every trailer, that will allow you to charge your battery while you are parked (if you have access to power). An available option is to add a solar panel charging set up for more remote locations.  All of our lights are LED so it takes very little power to run the trailers!

          Can you paint an aluminum-sided trailer?

          Yes, you can paint your trailer if you wish. But we think they look awesome with the shiny aluminum finish. They also require less maintenance if left unpainted.

            Is it expensive to maintain a teardrop trailer?

            Since our trailers are almost maintenance free the only thing people need to do is grease the axels every 5,000 kms and maintain the battery as per the manufacturers specs.

            There will be almost no cost in maintaining your trailer!

              What are the differences between a regular travel trailer, truck camper, and our Gnome Home teardrop trailer?

              Most travel trailers need a larger vehicle because of the weight and size. With a Gnome Home teardrop trailer there is no need for a truck, you can pull it behind almost any vehicle. When camping you have to park most travel trailers in fields or RV sites. With a Gnome Home trailer you can often use regular tenting sites.

              Storing a travel trailer or truck camper can become costly if you do not have the room for it at home. Gnome homes can easily be parked it in your garage when done camping.

              Gnome Home teardrop trailers are convenient; keep them packed and loaded and you can hook it up and go! You eliminate the hassle of having to pick up a trailer before you head out

                Do you have a warranty?

                Yes! We offer a full warranty.  You can get the details by using the link below. 

                Gnome Home Warranty

                Is insurance required for a teardrop trailer?

                Yes, insurance and registrations are required for your trailer. You must register the trailer at  a Registry Office and it's always a good idea to have insurance on any vehicle going on the road.

                  How should I stow my teardrop trailer when not in use?

                  It is best to stow a Gnome Home in a safe and dry place so you can enjoy it for many years to come. As with anything shiny and beautiful, keep it in a safe place to reduce the risk of theft.

                  To Winterize your Gnome Home Trailer, please ensure that you:

                  • Fully close and secure your cabinets, doors, and hatch are fully closed to prevent snow and moisture from collecting.
                  • Take a picture of your battery and how it is hooked up. So you remember how to hook it back up in the spring.
                  • To disconnect the battery take of the ground wire first, that would be the negative  -   and then the positive + . Do the reverse in the spring, hooking up the positive + first. and then the negative -.
                  • Remove the battery an d store it inside i.e., your basement but not on the floor. It is best to place it on a shelf, or some wood.
                  • Then hook up the battery to a trickle charger.
                  • To cover your trailer outside, we recommend a TAB cover. We find it works best because it is bigger and covers the edges.
                  • We also recommend getting 2-3 damp traps from the Dollar Store and placing them inside your trailer to soak up any condensation.

                  Is there a heater option?

                  Yes! Ask us for more details.