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Teardrop Trailers,
Big on Adventure.

designed for the ultimate camping experience

Our Gnome homes Teardrop Trailers, are Transport Canada certified.

We make sure your camping future looks great.

Canadian-made Teardrop Trailers

Handcrafted in Alberta, our vintage-style trailers will provide you with a lifetime of convenient and comfortable getaways in the great outdoors! 

Make the most of your next camping experience and live a little!

Trailer Features


Your Teardrop Trailer can be pulled behind almost any vehicle!  


Tight parking spaces and sharp turns are no problem for these compact trailers!


From off-roading to road-tripping, your trailer is built and styled to your specifications.

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For sale now.                    GOB( Gnome Home on a budget)
For sale now.                    GOB( Gnome Home on a budget)
For sale now.                    GOB( Gnome Home on a budget)
For sale now. GOB( Gnome Home on a budget)
Regular price $10,500.00

We at Gnomehomes had people ask us to make a Teardrop Trailer to be a little less expensive. 

So we put our heads together and come up with a plan to do just that. We sad down and had to make it $3500.00 less expensive without dropping the quality.And we did just that this unit is not as fancy.

This Gnome home is ready to go and is Transport Canada Certified. and build with the best products out there. This is a 5X9 trailer with a 58.5" X 80.5" sleeping space.


 when i was looking to replace my old teardrop trailer I looked at quite a lot of other  manufactures models. Was never impressed by any of them. With just one visit to see a Gnome home I knew I had found what I wanted.

Not only was i impressed by the superb craftmanship and the rugged durabillity, it was apparent every detail mattered to them .

The kitchen galley has storage to keep everything ready to hook  up and go.

The trailer is easy to pull and  maneuver through traffic.

I could list the specs but those are easy to find.

If you are looking for comfort in the back country that keeps you engaged with your surroundings these are the trailers.

Customer service is fantastic and if you happen to bump into Cees camping , you will be invited to visit.

See you around the campfire


“Gnome Home Trailers are perfect for anyone who just wants to get out traveling and camping without the hassle and cost of big vehicles and big trailers. The quality and workmanship are second to none.”


Our little Gnome Home can take anything we throw at it!


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