Design your future Gnome Home

All the bells and whistles.

Our base models are fully functional and ready to hit the road, but we do offer a great selection of upgrades to make your trailer fit your needs and style.

In each of the following design tabs we provide a printable PDF summary for each trailer option as well as photos and a short summary picture of each of these options. 

You can also click on the product you would like, and add it to your shopping cart.

Here is how this works. 

  1. Pick out your favourite Teardrop Trailer.
  2. Pick out  your favourite options and upgrades.
  3. After you have decided what you want just at add it to your shopping cart. 

So please have some fun building your own custom Gnome Homes Teardrop Trailer. 

When you get to the check out just fill in your info on the PDF sheet and email it back to me for a finalized quote and hit place order online.

We do not take Credit cards so we will be in touch with you to confirm #1 your order #2 talk about the time frame and #3 the payments. 

Thanks Cees Stolk 

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