Design Your Cruiser

This model is the perfect choice for adventurers looking for an effortless (and stylish) getaway. The Cruiser is a great choice for the weekend or for an extended trip across the country. 

All of our Gnome Homes Teardrop Trailers are Transport Canada certified.

Our National Safety Mark (NSM) is B4B

Make no mistake this trailer is ready to go, and all you need to enjoy your camping experience.

Model Features;

We start off with an engineered, welded and galvanized steel frame using 2" square tubing and then apply an aluminum skin to protect the bottom of the trailer from the elements. Our wiring is incorporated in the frame and we only use LED Lights. 

  • 5x9 Starts at 1,350 lbs
  • Group 24 RV Battery 100Ahr
  • Charge controller w/fuse/breaker panel
  • 6" RV queen mattress with memory foam and is  58.5" X80.5" long for the 5X9 a full Queen
  • Baltic birch cabinets
  • Maxxfan 4501K multi speedfan with built in thermostat, rain sensor and it has a remote control
  • 3 x 12 volt outlets & 1 USB charger
  • 2 x 110 volt GFCI outlets
  • Round checker plate fenders with vintage lights
  • Ultra aluminum rims 14"
  • ST 205/75 R14 radial tires


    The cost of this Teardrop trailer starts at $16,490

    To help you in planning and design of your personal Cruiser, please download the following worksheet